¿Qué son los Honda Spoon? Todo lo que necesitás saber! YouTube

This Is What A 2023 Spoon Sports Honda Civic Type R Could Look Like

The Spoon Honda Civic Type-R ended up with 260 HP with an 11,000 RPM redline while weighing 1,984 lbs. While the Civic Type-R was the best Honda, Spoon managed to build something better.

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Engine and Brake Cooling. A 48% larger grille opening than the previous-generation Civic Type R and a wide, low hood vent help maximize engine cooling while minimizing airflow resistance. Optimized brake ducts help keep front brakes cooler through multiple laps of circuit driving. Shown in Crystal Black Pearl.

1999 Honda Civic TypeR EK9 by Spoon

In comparison to the unbridled F-Wing, the Spoon Sports USA Civic is rather tame. The same K20 has been under the hood for years, varying in levels of power output. Today, with its most recent evolution of parts and tuning, it produces right at 500WHP, up more than 70WHP from 2015's setup, with which it broke the record.

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The CTR still features the original K20A, however it has upgraded pistons and rods, valves, valve springs, and a ported head to support the additional horsepower. To get this little 4-cylinder moving, a custom turbo kit running a Garrett GTX35R was fitted to the K20. This allows this little Civic to make around 520 WHP and 387 WTQ (the record.

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The iconic blue and yellow brand shows off their stunning facility and their new project: a $150,000 Honda Civic.. Not to mention the handcrafted B18C Spoon engine that graces the stunning header. Takahashi says this engine will make around 200 HP and they will be finishing it very soon. "Depending on options, this thing is going to cost.

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WELCOME TO SPOON SPORTS Spoon's originality and product philosophy are enriched into all of our products. So long as there are people with passion for Honda Sports, our voyage continues.. Honda Civic View Products. Honda Fit View Products. Honda Integra View Products. Honda NSX View Products. Honda S2000 View Products. VIEW ALL MODELS.

¿Qué son los Honda Spoon? Todo lo que necesitás saber! YouTube

Honda Civic - All Products.. Left seat rail for Spoon Carbon Bucket Seat (ALL-81100-001). Fits: Civic FL1, FL5, FE1 Learn More. $700.00. Add to Cart. Spoon Carbon Bucket Seat Rail, Right (Low) - Civic FK7/8 . Manufacturer Product Code: 81100-FKA-R01. Quickview. Right seat rail for Spoon Carbon Bucket Seat (ALL-81100-001)..

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Driven by our passion, we offer the brand to Honda fans all over the world. The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled. News Feed Authorized. Spoon Rigid Collar Kit Rear - Civic EF9,EG6,EK4/9, Integra DC2,DB8 . Manufacturer Product Code: 50300-EKA-000. Quickview. Inserts into the subframe mounting holes to fill the 2mm gap.

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Basically any Honda product will accept a Spoon engine, what that costs is another deal altogether. You can throw one of these bad boys in a Civic, Accord, s2000, even an NSX (First gen only) if you are feeling froggy!. well-taken-care-of Spoon motor in it; A totaled Civic might cost you $1000, and then you throw an engine, suspension, cage.

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A self-taught digital artist adds Spoon Sports-inspired mods to Honda's youngest golden child. Just a few weeks ago, Honda took the camouflage off of the 2023 Civic Type R and lit the internet.

1999 Honda Civic TypeR EK9 by Spoon

Origen de los motores Spoon. La historia comienza con Tatsuru Ichishima, un visionario japonés entusiasta del automovilismo que fundó Spoon Sports en 1988.Spoon Sports rápidamente ganó renombre por su enfoque meticuloso para ajustar y mejorar el rendimiento de los vehículos Honda. El compromiso inquebrantable de Ichishima de ampliar los límites de la destreza de ingeniería de Honda.

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1985 Honda Civic. ENGINE: 1.6L DOHC ZC; Spoon-built block and head; custom exhaust manifold and straight-pipe exhaust; Spoon Sports valve cover, aluminum oil pan, and oil cap. DRIVETRAIN: close.

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The Spoon racing E-AT boasts 230hp at 9800rpm where the stock E-AT Civic Si with the ZC gets 130hp at 6,800rpm. Within the JTC Series, the battle between the Civics with the ZC and the Corolla.

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Spoon Blue Wide Door Mirror Set - S2000 AP1/2. Manufacturer Product Code: 76203-AP1-030. Spoon side mirrors are convex, anti-glare, and features a yellow and blue Spoon logo. The convex pro.. Learn More. $130.00.

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The SPOON SPORTS Progressive Spring Set enhances the driver's ability to control and enjoy the true potential of the CIVIC Type R. Spoon Progressive Spring Rates: Front 5.5 kgf/mm, 5.0 kgf/mm. Lowers 20mm Front and Rear. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.

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The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine in the Honda Civic Type R produces 306 horsepower and has VTEC. The Honda Civic Type R is the company's fastest and most potent vehicle ever offered for sale in the US. Since its release more than forty years ago, the Honda Civic has been the best-selling compact car in America.