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Tyler: Hi. if you press the part of the screen that says "Start-stop" in your third picture- I've copied it below, you will get a list of messages telling you why Start/Stop hasn't worked. Here's a typical screen from my car when I press the "start-stop" part of the screen.

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Thought I'd chime back in here- since my original post I haven't experienced the issue and continue to use start stop and also auto hold at times. The one comment I would have is that the system doesn't seem to be as "smooth" stopping and starting compared to new. Now have 8500km on it. Will continue to monitor.

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Posted July 28, 2017. Lots of things will prevent start-stop from kicking in, but I don't believe they would give 'stop-start error' message, instead an 'unavailable' message. Agree with MC71, needs checking. Had something similar on my 7R, fault traced to faulty pressure sensor. Quote.

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Bild: Pleclown - CC BY-SA 4.0, Link Auf dieser Seite erfahren Sie die Hintergründe einer nicht funktionierenden Start Stopp Automatik am VW Golf 7. Dazu gehen wir auf typische Ursachen und Fehlerquellen ein und geben Ihnen auch Lösungsmöglichkeiten an die Hand.. Ratschläge zum VW Golf 7 Start Stopp Automatik deaktivieren erhalten Sie unserem separaten Artikel.

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I recently bought a 2013 VW Golf 1.4 TSI DSG "Highline" (think it's the UK equivelant of an R) with Start Stop Bluemotion on it. Most of the time S/S works fine. The engine cuts out and when the foot Comes off the brake (it's an automatic) the engine turns over and starts smoothly. Every so often, however, the engine attempts to turn on and Fails.

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Hallo zusammen, seit ca. 1 Jahr habe ich einen Start Stop Fehler in meinem Golf 7. Er wird sofort nach Zündung angezeigt und geht nicht mehr weg. ATU hat keine Ursache finden können. Vor einiger.

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VW Golf MK7 2013 1.2 TSI Recently had a few lights flag up. ERROR: START-STOP SYSTEM ERROR: AUTO HOLD FAULT: ELECTRIC PARKING BREAK The yellow seatbelt light has also come on. The hand break still actually works for some reason, just the auto hold and start stop doesn't work.

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2019 Golf, struggling with start stop engine. Hi everyone, I just got a 2019 golf last week and it's my first car. I'm still learning about this start stop engine thing.A couple of times now i was in park, getting things out of the car etc, i get back into the car to put it in reverse and the engine completely stalled on me.

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how to removal neutral gear sensor on VW Golf 7start/stop system fault / for example02T906207D made in turkey#errorstartstoperror start stop system

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Auto Start-Stop feature will shut down your engine to preserve fuel but it can have negative impact on components like battery, alternator, starter. Also whe.

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Wie Ihr das Start-Stop System bei Eurem Volkswagen ausschaltet, erfahrt Ihr hier.

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VW Golf 7 DSG Lounge Motor 1.6 TDI (110 PS) Vorname Hannes. 1 [gelöst] Start/Stopp System Fehler - Motorstörung - sollte man das sofort beheben. kurz vor dem Jahreswechsel teilte mir mein Auto heute mit, dass es ein Fehler im Start/Stopp System gibt ( ploppte ca. 10 sek. nach dem Motorstart im Display auf). Ab dann blinkte der Glühfaden.

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For example, when you press "error: start-stop system", you will get a screen that shows why SS failed to operate. Here's a screen-shot from my car indicating various reason (note the entries that have a human head on the LHS -these are reasons why SS didn't operate that are in control of the driver). VW Golf Mk7 Estate, GT, 1.4T SI 140PS, 6.