Dave The Diver Phantom Jellyfish Boss Guide How To Beat

How to catch jellyfish in Dave the Diver

Events will be held at the Sushi Restaurant periodically in Dave the Diver, where particular types of dishes are more popular, and the Jellyfish event is the first players encounter—so gathering.

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Explained. Jellies by the light of the moon. From farming and running his sushi restaurant to escaping sharks and exploring the ocean, Dave the Diver has no shortage of things to do. The Jellyfish Event is a time-limited event that will pop up on your calendar on October 15. That gives you a brief opportunity to take care of your customers with.

Dave The Diver Phantom Jellyfish Boss Guide How To Beat

If you are curious about the best jellyfish dishes in Dave the Diver, we have the answers. The Jellyfish party in Dave the Diver is one of many restaurant events that happen over the course of the game.. The objective is to serve as many jellyfish dishes as you can to get those bonus rewards, and you'll need plenty of stock to make them.

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The Jellyfish Event is a random event where all the customers visiting the restaurant highly demand dishes that are made using jellyfish. Dave the Diver is a video game released in 2022 where you play as Dave, a diver who runs a sushi restaurant in the Blue Hole. You have to catch fish, fight monsters, hire staff, and serve customers in this.

Dave the Diver How to Catch Jellyfish

The Jellyfish Event calls for Dave the Diver to sell as many Jellyfish on the menu as possible. Each major party event in the game will be themed around one type of fish, and customers that show up will be expecting to eat some special dishes. That means you need to jump into the Blue Hole and get started on catching Jellyfish.

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By Dave Acuña on July 13, 2023. The Jellyfish Party is one of the special events in Dave the Diver. As part of the efforts to boost tourism around the Blue Hole, the Jellyfish Party is hosted, which showcases jellyfish dishes to lure daring and curious guests into the area. Read ahead as we talk about the Jellyfish Party and how it works in.

How to catch jellyfish in Dave the Diver DAVE THE DIVER

1. Some customers glow and are here for the event. Some do not and I assume these must be normal customers. This might explain why some of the orders have a gold star in the speech bubble while others do not. So this tells me that sometimes the jellyfish sushi is being ordered by the partygoers and sometimes by ordinary folks.

Dave The Diver Special Jellyfish Event [Explained]

On the other hand, the Jellyfish traces you're trying to find are at a depth of around 180 meters . If you're getting there from the village, you'll have to go past a few Tubeworms, so make sure you have a UV Light with you. When you get around this depth, you'll see a giant shark bone structure. These bones have already been used as a landmark.

Dave the Diver Jellyfish Party Event Guide

Phase One. Each phase has two parts: one where it spawns Jellyfish and the other where it spawns the green projectiles. For the first phase, the boss will travel to random locations and spawn only one Jellyfish at a time. This will go up to three Jellyfish before they all explode. When its eyes are revealed, the boss will shoot two rounds of.

Dave the Diver Jellyfish Party Event Guide

You can put any number of normal meals on menu during Jellyfish event and at least one with ribbon icon attached to it.This way you have meal for corresponding event + normal guests. You can also choose to: have only one meal with ribbon icon on auto supply - and serve all guests that. have only meals not related to event - and serve only.

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In Dave The Diver, 1 of the 8 Party Events you can get is Jellyfish Party, In this video you'll be shown the majority of things there are to know about the J.

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Marlin show up in Dave the Diver after the Marlin party starts. Similar to the Jellyfish and Tuna parties, you'll get an email once the event begins.Marlin are an aggressive species, so they'll.

Dave the Diver Jellyfish Party Event Guide

Night time in Part 9Pc DAVE THE DIVERLets dive in at night and see whats swimmingJellyfish! So click that subscribe button to show some support and come take.

Dave the Diver Jellyfish Party Event Guide

Periodic events take place in Dave the Diver, orientating around a specific theme in the Sushi Restaurant, and the first you encounter is the Jellyfish event—and we can tell you the best dishes.


Dave the Diver: How the Jellyfish Event Works. Dave the Diver won't bore you with the same tasks and missions. You will not need to dive into the ocean all the time and catch seafood. Sometimes the game gives you a break and you can spend more time in the restaurant when parties are organized. Yes, it may not always be a relaxing time.

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Seasonal Events are special calendar events that will start to appear in Dave the Diver. They'll start to appear around October 12, with the introduction of the Jellyfish Party. Sometimes a seasonal event will come up, which is dictated by the calendar rather than any mission progression. They will not appear as a mission in the To Do app but as an icon in the top right with a countdown and on.