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A 100 ml bottle of Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum retails for $550 USD (or £355 / €430). This is, of course, extremely expensive even for a designer fragrance. Like a lot of luxury perfumes from designer brands, you are also paying for the brand name and the bottle design when it comes to Tom Ford's price point.

7 Best Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupes in 2022 (All Budgets) 7Gents

It's summery and fresh, light enough to be an everyday scent but deep enough that it still feels alluring. It's under $100, which is a third of the price of the original Bitter Peach, and smells just as great. 3. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupe: Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne Spray.

15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2023)

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford is a popular fragrance released in October 2020 as part of Private Blend's collection. This is a heady blend of scents that really appeals to both men and women. First, you will experience an uplifting sense of amber and vanilla tones, with fresh, top notes of Peach, Blood Orange, Cardamom, and Heliotrope.

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Find Product Dupes. Duplicate a high-end product or never buy the same shade twice. Compare any Two Palettes.. Wish Tom Ford had put out a new Bitter Peach body cream to go with the perfume. January 14, 2022 at 1:54 pm 1/14/22. P Jill. Light, Pink, slight pink undertones. Normal-to-Dry skin.

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Copy Cat's Peach has all of the features of the original perfume. It is a fresh, refreshing scent without being heavy on the pocket. Check price on Copycat. The ingredients are guaranteed to be 90% similar to the original. Since Peach is inspired by Bitter Peach, it is a well-known Tom Ford Bitter Peach clone.

5 Best Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupes (In 2023)

Bitter Peach from Tom Ford is lovely but is so, so expensive. These dupes cost much less. The dupes:Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach: https://rstyle..

15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2023)

6 Dupes of Tom Ford Bitter Peach. 1. Dua Sour Peach. Dua Sour Peach. $65.00 at If you have wanted a little more peach in your Tom Ford fragrance, this is a good compromise. Very fruity and sweet while still holding on to the similar structure of Tom Ford Peach, Dua Sour Peach leans more feminine in a good way.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach 100 ml Etsy

What was the recommendation? XD. Reply. Belle923. •. I wasn't given any particular recommendations on Reddit. I went with Alexandria Fragrances' Better Peach which is an inspired fragrance for Tom Ford's Bitter Peach and I love it. Great clone with awesome longevity! Reply.

15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2023)

Our Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe is an explosion of virility and charming masculinity, perfectly capturing the essence of Chaillan's definition of progressive elegance. Crafted with powerfully engaging top notes of Heliotrope, Davana, and Rum Absolute, we have refined the rugged nature of Cardamom and balanced it with citrusy middle notes of Wild.

15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2023)

Zara has recently launched its Peach Glow fragrance, which you can purchase for just £11.99 and smells really similar to Bitter Peach. This is a whopping £268 less expensive than Tom Ford's Bitter Peach and smells super similar with notes of peach, grapefruit, praline and amber. Scent. Top notes: Peach and Grapefruit. Middle notes: Jasmine.

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Best Tom Ford Bitter Peach Alternatives. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne: Best Bitter Peach Alternative Overall. 4711 Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander: A Great Bitter Peach Alternative. CA Perfume Club Impression: Best Budget Pick (That's Actually Worth It)

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Rather than spending big bucks on Tom Ford Bitter Peach, reach for these affordable and high-quality Bitter Peach dupes.. The Bitter Peach eau de parfum is an intoxicating and sensual fragrance formulated with Sicilian blood orange, rum-infused davana oil, and Indonesian patchouli leaf.. As a signature Tom Ford scent, Bitter Peach is an instantly recognizable and utterly irresistible designer.

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Savor the scents of Tom Ford with the ultra-tempting Bitter Peach. Crafted for both men and women, this fragrance is crisp, warm, intense and creamy all at once - the perfect signature scent to embrace autumn and winter. The top notes are a delectable blend of sweet peach, blood orange, cardamom and heliotrope that tantalizes your nose from the.

15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2023)

Most Popular Tom Ford perfume alternative on TikTok: Fine'ry Not Another Cherry Fragrance, $30. Best Tom Ford Lost Cherry alternative: Dossier Ambery Cherry, $49. Best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupe (Perfumes With Similar Smell)

One of Tom Ford's most famous perfumes was released under his signature collection Private Blend. It was called Bitter Peach, an amber vanilla unisex fragrance released in 2020. Bitter Peach takes the aromatic balsamic bouquet into the spotlight. However, the sensual, uplifting, and warm scent composition comes with a hefty price tag.

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This is literally the best dupe for Tom Ford Bitter Peach, at a fraction of the cost. Very happy with my purchase! A . Alessandra Burato. Worth the wait. I was in love with the Tom Ford fragrance Bitter Peach when I smelt it but could absolutely not afford to buy it. The ALT Peach Smash is almost the exact same scent for a fraction of the price