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His Life Story and Beliefs. An erstwhile atheist, Lewis converted to Christianity and quickly became a renowned defender of the faith and an evangelical paragon. Lewis converted in 1931. His BBC lectures from 1942 to 1944 eventually became his book Mere Christianity (1952), establishing him as a renowned defender.

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A Timeline of the Life of C.S. Lewis - explorefaith. 1898, November 29 Born in Belfast 1899, January 2 Baptized into the Church of Ireland 1908, August 23 Death of his mother, Flora Lewis 1908-1930 Schools in Belfast 1911, January Decides that Christianity isn't for him 1911-1917 Prep schools in England 1917, April 29 Enters University.

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Lewis was a prolific author of fiction and nonfiction who wrote dozens of books over the course of his career. His faith-based arguments as seen in texts like The Great Divorce (1946) and Miracles.

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Clive Staples Lewis, conhecido como C. S. Lewis, nasceu em Belfast, na Irlanda (atual Irlanda do Norte), no dia 29 de novembro de 1898. Filho caçula do advogado Albert James Lewis e de Florence Augusta Lewis, filha de um clérigo da Igreja da Irlanda, foi criado na fé cristã. Educado inicialmente por sua mãe e por uma governanta, passava a.

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Lewis saw his role as reasserting a mere orthodox core, developed through the Patristic era. There was therefore a core of belief and faith that existed outside of human perception; doctrine was not humanely created - truth was revealed and given.. C.S. Lewis on Scripture (1980), pp. 94-95. 19 Christensen, C.S. Lewis on Scripture (1980.

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Clive Staples "C.S." Lewis was born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland (see chronology). He died on November 22, 1963, the same day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He had only one sibling, a brother, Warren, who was three years older and with whom he remained friends all his life. C.S. Lewis' earliest memories involve "endless.

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C.S. Lewis nasceu em 1898 em Belfast, na Irlanda. Lewis perdeu sua mãe ainda muito novo, o que foi uma espécie de estopim para gerar nele questionamentos que, mais tarde, guiariam sua obra e sua trajetória espiritual e intelectual. Clive Staples Lewis foi, por grande parte da vida, assumidamente um ateu com tendências freudianas.

C. S. Lewis Biography Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements

C.S. Lewis (born November 29, 1898, Belfast, Ireland [now in Northern Ireland]—died November 22, 1963, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England) was an Irish-born scholar, novelist, and author of about 40 books, many of them on Christian apologetics, including The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity. His works of greatest lasting fame may be The.

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C. S. Lewis. For the Anglo-Irish poet, see Cecil Day-Lewis. Clive Staples Lewis FBA (29 November 1898 - 22 November 1963) was a British writer, literary scholar, and Anglican lay theologian. He held academic positions in English literature at both Magdalen College, Oxford (1925-1954), and Magdalene College, Cambridge (1954-1963).

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The Life of C.S. Lewis Timeline. 1898. Clive Staples Lewis was born on November 29 in Belfast, Ireland (Northern Ireland today), to Albert J. Lewis (1863-1929) and Florence Augusta Hamilton Lewis (1862-1908). His brother Warren Hamilton Lewis had been born on June 16, 1895. 1905. The Lewis family moved to their new home, "Little Lea," on.

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As one steeped in the ancients but living among the moderns, Lewis offered himself as a specimen of the Old Western Man, someone who could speak to both sides of the divide between modernity and the ancients. Although he gave this address in 1955, and died on November 22, 1963, Lewis still speaks, retaining a devoted following that shows no.

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It's 50 years since CS Lewis died. His legacy encompasses far more than just Narnia - Rowan Williams, AS Byatt, Philip Pullman and others give their thoughts on his body of work

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Blog. Resources. Lewis and His Dates. C. S. Lewis opens chapter four of his autobiography, Surprised by Joy, with this statement: "In January, 1911, just turned thirteen, I set out with my brother to Wyvern, he for the College and I for a preparatory school." (56). However, since we know Lewis was born on November 29, 1898, simple math.

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C.S. Lewis tinha uma visão de mundo influenciada pelo Cristianismo e pela filosofia clássica. Lewis era um cristão devoto e sua visão de mundo foi moldada por sua crença em Deus como um ser pessoal e amoroso que criou o universo. Ele acreditava que o universo tinha um propósito e que a vida humana tinha um significado mais profundo do que.

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C.S. Lewis (November 29, 1898 - November 22,1963) was a British fantasy writer and scholar. Known for his imaginative fantasy world of Narnia and, later, his writings on Christianity, Lewis' life was informed by a search for higher meaning. He remains to this day one of most beloved children's authors in English.

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The British novelist and essayist Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963) was an established literary figure whose impact is increasingly recognized by scholars and teachers. On November 29, 1898, Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland. He was the son of A. J. Lewis, a solicitor, and Flora August Hamilton Lewis, whose father was a clergyman.