Rest and be thankful road scotland hires stock photography and images Alamy

Rest and be thankful road scotland hires stock photography and images Alamy

Rest and Be Thankful. The Rest and Be Thankful - a memorable and familiar name, is the name for a section of the A83 beyond Arrochar on the road from Loch Lomond to Campbelltown on the Kintyre Peninsula. Famous or perhaps infamous for the frequent road closures caused by the not infrequent dramatic landslides have blighted this vital road link.

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Rest and be Thankful road reopens after seven landslides. 11 October 2023. BBC. 12,000 tonnes of mud and other debris have been cleared and the road is now reopen to motorists. The landslide-hit.

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The Rest and Be Thankful is the vital arterial route which connects the bulk of Argyll and Bute with the Central Belt. Landslides can add significantly to what is already a long road journey from.

Rest and be thankful road scotland hires stock photography and images Alamy

Rest and be thankful are the words inscribed on a stone near the junction of the A83 and the B828, placed there by soldiers who built the original military road in 1753, now referred to as the Drovers' road. The original stone fell into ruin and was replaced by a commemorative stone at the same site. The weather in this area can play tricks.

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One of Scotland's classic views. Just a viewpoint - but what a view! The road has climbed to 800 feet here as it crosses the mountains between Loch Long and Loch Fyne. For part of the way, it follows the line of the military road built in 1753: the soldiers who built it gave the pass its name. There's a marker stone recording the history of.

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From this assessment, the A83 Ardgarten to Rest and Be Thankful is amongst the most highly ranked debris flow hazard sites in Scotland. Transport Scotland prioritise safety for all road users and we are aware of the A83's importance as the primary route to Argyll. The A83 Route Study was undertaken to identify and appraise potential options to.

Old military road rest and be thankful hires stock photography and images Alamy

Fears over the road hit fresh heights on August 4, 2020, when some 6,000 tonnes of debris cascaded onto the A83 at the Rest and be Thankful, at least 3,500 tonnes less than the latest episode.

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Route View south along the A83 road over Loch Fyne. From Tarbet the A83 runs west across the watershed between Loch Lomond and Loch Long to Arrochar near the head of Loch Long. It then goes round the head of the loch, and along the western shore for a short distance, before turning northwest through the Rest and be Thankful mountain pass through Glen Croe in the Arrochar Alps, from the shore.

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The original road was built by soldiers in the mid-18th century, and a stone bearing the words 'Rest and Be Thankful' was erected as a permanent monument upon its completion in 1750. There is presently a car park and a number of wooden viewing benches located at the Rest and Be Thankful, from where the photographs on the relevant parts of this.

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The Rest and be Thankful - one of Scotland's most famous tourist routes - has regularly been closed by falling rocks.. The A83 is an almost 100-mile (161km) major trunk road connecting the Mull.

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A83 Rest and Be Thankful - 11:30 - Friday 19/04/24.. "These public engagement events starting today in Campbeltown will update local communities and road users on progress including the emerging design of the Debris Flow Shelter for the long-term solution, proposals for the car park at the Rest and Be Thankful and how we will take.

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The road's name dates back centuries, marking the area as a place to "rest and be thankful" having reached the 803 feet summit during the long climb from Glen Croe. A drovers' track since long before records were kept, a road was first built in 1743 during the Jacobite Rebellion. By the 1920s it was in desperate need of repair or.

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7 January 2021. Bear Scotland. The temporary barrier at the side of the Old Military Road will offer more protection. The infamous A83 road at the Rest and Be Thankful is due to reopen for the.

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Rest and Be Thankful road hit by seven landslips. About 9,500 tonnes of debris fell onto the A83 in Argyll and Bute during heavy rain over the weekend. 9 Oct 2023. Glasgow & West Scotland.

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THE public are to be consulted over the proposed building of a multi-million pound road shelter to protect a key stretch of Scottish road from being regularly blocked by landslides. The A83, known as the Rest and Be Thankful, forms a vital transport link for Argyll communities and businesses, with around 1.3 million vehicles passing through it.

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The Rest and Be Thankful is the highest point on the A83, separating Glen Kinglas from Glen Croe. It is also one of the places in Scotland with the highest risk of landslides and debris flow hazards.. The A83 Trunk road is a major 98 mile/158 km road in the south of Argyll and Bute in the Scottish Highlands. The A83 is a vital artery route.