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Square Metres to Linear Metres. Total Area. m². Board Width. mm. 60 m² of 100 mm wide board = 600 Linear Metres. Board Thickness. mm. 600 Linear metres of board @ 100 mm wide x 25 mm thick = 1.5 m³.

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Price from linear meter to square meter (price lin m to m 2) online. Price from linear meter to square meter (price lin m to m. 2. ) online. Enter the price (cost) of one linear meter (lin. m.): Enter the width in m (one linear meter): Pric e (Cost) of one square meter (1 m2) is: 0.00.

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How to convert a linear meter to a square meter? You need to multiply the length in linear meters by the width of the linear meter. A square meter is determined by the formula: S = L * W. S is the area in square meters (sqm, m 2 ); L is the length in linear meters (lin. m, lm); W is the width of a linear meter (m).

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Re: sq meter to linear meter. by Robert Fogt on 01/09/03 at 06:06:17. Area is Length * Width, so just divide area by the Width and you will end up with the linear meters. All the units need to match so convert millimeters to meters first. 185 / 0.085 = 2176.47 linear meters of lumber.

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Converting Square Meters into Meters and Feet. Input: Enter area in square meters. Enter Width (meter) Output: Length in meters is. Length in lineal meters is. Area in square feet is. Reset.

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A measurement in square meters conveys an object's area, or the product of its length and width. But lineal meters convey just one dimension. Measuring for flooring is one of a few circumstances in which you might be asked to convert from square meters to lineal meters.

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Multiply the two amounts together to get the sqaure feet; 255 * 0.235 = 59.925. 255 lineal metres of board covers 59.925 square metres.