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Elephant Ears (Colocasia) Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

It thrives well in full sun, as well as partial sunlight. 2. Colocasia. Colocasia is one of the best types of elephant ear plants you can grow! The big, peltate leaves can reach up to 2-3 feet long and 1-2 feet wide. It grows quite fast, reaching up to 6-8 feet tall. The plant thrives well in indirect sunlight. Varieties of Colocasia.

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In summary, there are four types of elephant ear plants: Colocasia, Caladium, Alocasia, and Xanthosoma. Each type has a different look with leaves ranging in color from light to dark green. My favorite type is the Colocasia for its large, dark green leaves with purple veins and stems on top of pinkish petioles (the part of the leaf stem)..

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Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular types of elephant ear plants: Alocasia. Alocasia, also known as the African Mask plant, is a stunning variety of elephant ear plant that is known for its large, dramatic leaves. These leaves have a distinctive arrowhead shape and come in a range of colors, including deep green, purple, and.

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Alocasia wentii captivates with its glossy green leaves and vibrant purple undersides, perfect for adding a tropical touch. It flourishes in bright, indirect light, moist soil, and high humidity, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. Regular watering and care ensure its lush growth.

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Xanthosoma 'Lime Zinger' has bright green arrowhead elephant ear leaves with yellowish veins. The lime-green elephant ear leaves grow around 1.5 ft. (0.5 m) long, and the clumping foliage doesn't grow more than 4 ft. (1.2 m) tall. This elephant ear plant grows best in partial sun to keep the color of leaves vibrant.

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A overview of the four primary types of elephant ear plants is provided below. Alocasia. The dark green waxy leaves with striking creamy-white prominent veins make Alocasia plants popular houseplants. Alocasia plants grow between 2 and 6 feet (0.6 and 1.8 meters) tall, also known as the African mask plant or Kris plant. Alocasia leaves range in.

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Divide the tuber at the end of the growing season, and store it until spring to propagate elephant ear plants. Wear gloves when handling the tuber to protect your skin from its sap. With a sharp, sterile knife, carefully cut through the tuber into clumps, each having at least one growth node.

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The giant elephant ear leaves on some plant types have a shiny green upper side and reddish-purple underside. This article is a complete guide to caring for elephant ears indoors and outdoors. In addition to advice on growing elephant ears, you'll get handy tips on resolving many issues affecting the plants' growth.

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Soil. Elephant ears prefer moist, rich, fertile soil. Mix in plenty of organic matter such as chopped leaves, peat, or composted manure. They prefer loamy soil but can tolerate other types. Colocasia do well in wet soils during the growing season and can grow on the margin of ponds.

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The large leaves can be damaged by heavy gusts. Add aged manure or compost to the soil before planting. Dig a hole 2 to 4 times larger than the tuber. After the threat of frost has passed in the spring, plant the tuber so it sits 1 to 2 inches below the soil. Elephant ears grow best when they're planted close to the surface.

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Other Noteworthy Elephant Ear Plant Types While Colocasia, Alocasia, Xanthosoma, and Caladium are the main types of Elephant Ear plants, there are other varieties that deserve a mention. These plants may not be as common, but they're just as stunning and can add a unique touch to your garden or indoor space.

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If planting elephant ears outdoors, wait until the soil has reached a temperature of at least 70°F. Plant the tubers about 4 inches deep. Space smaller varieties at least 2 feet apart and larger varieties at least 4 feet apart. Water regularly to keep the soil consistently moist.

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The elephant ear plant has a long history and is a great garden addition. Learn elephant ear plant care, types, and complete growing tips. 2.89M; 1.49M; 3M; 1.27M; 95K; Categories. There are dozens of different types of elephant ear plant, but here are 26 of the most popular varieties. Some of them are small, and some grow to be gigantic.

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Zones: 8-10. Exposure: Part shade/full shade. Soil: Moist, but well-drained and organically rich. Height: 2 to 4 feet. Spread: 1 to 4 feet. Natives of tropical America, Xanthosoma plants like very warm and humid weather. Like Colocasia, the tubers of Xanthosoma are edible. This type of elephant ear is less common for growning in home gardens than the other types.

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Elephant Ear Plant Types: Learn About Common Elephant Ear Plants Elephant ears are one of those plants whose foliage receives double takes and oohs and aahs. There are different elephant ear plants in four genera available for growing in your landscape. Learn more about them in this article. By Bonnie L. Grant

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There are 97 different types of recognized Alocasia plants. While these species are native to Asia and Eastern Australia, many new types of Alocasia hybrids have been created all over the world and kept as decorative houseplants. Alocasia Vs Colocasia. Alocasia and Colocasia are often clumped together and are commonly known as elephant ear plants.