Taking outback driving to the extreme

Taking outback driving to the extreme

Big Rigs Newspaper. 6,592 followers. 6h. Yes, he's back for another season of Outback Truckers, still behind the wheel of his trusty 1994 Kenworth C501, and more excited than ever to be part of.

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Danielle Gullaci October 31, 2023, 2:30 pm 0 5397. Over the years, truckie Steve Grahame has been a popular show favourite. Image: Prospero Productions. It's been a long wait for fans of popular television show Outback Truckers, but now season 10 has finally been confirmed, with filming to begin immediately.

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Outback legend, Steve Grahame, has been trucking for 46 years, but he's travelling into a new world as a viral pandemic sweeps across the globe.. On the south coast of New South Wales truck driver Mick King is in fight mode. Only days ago the fire that raged out of control for a week, and claimed 7 lives came within 50 metres of destroying.

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Steve Grahame has crossed the last flooded river between him and his destination of Kalumburu. But his water worries are far from over, a massive storm's come out of nowhere. After a three-week struggle Steve's truck is bogged again just walking distance from his destination. 5: 5 "Episode 5" 17 November 2012 ()

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Outback legend, Steve Grahame, journeys into the red heart of Australia on an epic quest to defeat the blistering heat and a hill that threatens to send his over-sized rig rolling backwards and smashing into smithereens. Married couple Anthony and Danyelle Haigh return, taking their water drilling rig off road and to places where few truckers.

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Trucking legend Steve Grahame has seen it all during his time on the unforgiving Outback roads!

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Steve Grahame, who is a show regular delivering building supplies and essentials to some of the most remote communities in Australia, was the driving force behind the campaign.. Balance between education and enforcement is still a work in progress; Over 600 trucks expected for upcoming Casino Truck Show;

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The OG Outback Trucker Steve has been on many journeys throughout his career - but these ones are the most memorable!SUBSCRIBE for more grits, guts and glory.

Taking outback driving to the extreme

Yet that's the day job faced by the skilled long-haul truck drivers featured in Outback Truckers, a WA-made reality show that reveals what life is really like on the wide- open road. WA trucking legend Steve Grahame - an owner/driver for some 40 years - returns for season two to cart more "construction machinery, parts and materials" from Perth to Uluru to Kununurra "and everywhere in between".

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No one was more surprised to hear of his passing than the legend himself, Steve Grahame! Fear not, Steve is alive and well and will be back stirring up the bull dust for Season 7. No one was more surprised to hear of his passing than the legend himself, Steve Grahame! Fear not, Steve is alive and well and will be back stirring up.

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Episode: 4x01 | Airdate: May 10, 2016. The documentary profiling the rig-drivers travelling Australia's toughest highways returns, as Steve Grahame receives a double dose of bad luck during a brutal lap through the red centre. Plus, Turbo is back, battling to get his business out of a rut.

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Steve Grahame - an Outback Truckers legend! #outbacktruckers #truckinglife #truckshow #legend. Outback Truckers · Original audio

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Other highlights include a chance to ride in a monster truck which featured with Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast Time and to watch a road rescue display in the main arena. Advertisement Hide Ad

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Steve Grahame's career started as a prospecting field-hand, then drilling which required a truck licence. With the legacy of his father's skills with heavy machinery and a family background.

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Sludge and his beloved truck, The Phantom. Image: Sludge/Wendy Andrews. Wendy, 56, who has a truck licence but hasn't driven a truck in over 30 years, admitted she was nervous to take on The Phantom. "We looked into it and I could drive an MC on L plates, so they filmed me driving The Phantom for the very first time," she said.

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Danielle Gullaci February 1, 2024, 10:04 am 0 15,847. Veteran truckie Steve Grahame has been on every season of Outback Truckers and is excited to be back for season 10. Image: Prospero Productions. With filming already well underway for the long awaited return of Outback Truckers, producers of the popular television show have confirmed that.