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In order to say the date in French it is necessary to know the numbers through thirty. Here you can visit our French numbers page.. Days of the week. In order to say the date correctly it is necessary to learn the days of the week and months of the year.First let's look at the days of the week (les jours de la semaine).The days are very simple and quite straightforward and the pronunciation.

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The preposition "of" is an essential element of many languages, and French is no exception. In French, the equivalent of "of" is "de", and it is used to indicate possession, origin, material, and other relationships between nouns. In this blog post, we'll go over the different ways to use "de" in French and provide some tips.

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The French actually have specific verbs which describe "call me tu ". The verb for "call me tu " or "say tu " is: " tutoyer ". tutoyer. So, to tell somebody, "You can use tu with me" say: " Tu peux me tutoyer ". The verb for "to say vous" is " vouvoyer ". If a young person is inappropriately using "tu" with.

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means "whoever gets this, make sure A reads it". B c/o A. means "A, make sure that B gets this". On a letter I would use "chez": Mr A, c/o Acme Publishing. Monsieur A, chez Les Éditions Acme. F.

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Pas grand-chose — Not much. 16. Ça va mal — It's not going well. 17. Non, je ne vais pas bien — I'm not doing well. 18. T'inquiète (pas), je vais bien — Don't worry, I'm fine. And one more thing. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

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Of and Of The in French A versatile word: 'de' The next group of defining words, "of the," "of," "some," " several," or "any" have lots of different uses, and once again, they change according to whether the thing or things you are talking about are masculine or feminine, singular or plural. The root word "de" is very versatile indeed , and generally changes form as.

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21.8K. Once you get beyond the absolute essentials in French, learning how to say the days of the week is a must.They come up so often in everyday exchanges—whether you're making plans or telling a story—that it's difficult to hold a conversation without them.

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De is an essential and versatile preposition that allows you to say "of" in French, "some," or simply an unspecified quantity. But that's not all; de has many different meanings and uses in French. As a preposition, it lets you construct a number of noun and verb phrases. The French preposition de is required after certain verbs and phrases.

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1. Respond positively with "bien." The term "bien" means "well." [7] You can use the term on its own to answer that you are well, but it is also commonly used as part of a phrase. Pronounce the term, bee-ehn. "Je vais bien" is an extended response meaning, "I am doing well." "Très bien" means "very well."

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With the expressions above, we don't use the verb to be in French. We use to go: "aller". So whether you're asking 'how are you' or 'how are they', you're going to be using one conjugation of aller. In the present indicative: je vais, tu vas, il va, nous allons, vous allez, ils vont. And apply the rules of inversion.

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