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By Bob , Callum Williams , Angie Harvey , +43.9k more. updated Sep 27, 2022. Welcome to The Last of Us' Controls guide. Below, we'll provide the full control scheme for the game. Although The Last.

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Follow her into a rain-soaked room and up a couple of ledges. Hug the left wall as you cross past the gap, then hop through the hole in the wall. Optional Conversation #1 - Turn right after hopping through the hole in the wall. Go forward a little ways and then make a right.

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The Last of Us: Controls. During The Last of Us, you'll have to survive the attacks from various monsters and bandits, as well as explore your surroundings. On this page of the guide, you can find a complete list of controls and the use they have. This page of the guide contains information about the controls used in The Last of Us on the PS4.

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GUN HOLSTERS. Joel starts out with being able to carry a pistol and a rifle where guns are concerned, but The Last of Us Part 1 does, of course, allow you to expand that. Using weapon parts and.

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The Reload Addict. We have a sometimes good but often bad habit of reloading our weapons when we still have half a magazine of ammunition. In Battlefield 4, that can get you killed, but in The Last of Us Remastered, it will probably save your life. We're not suggesting you swap magazines in the middle of a fist-fight with a Bloater, but when.

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To get right to it, reloading in The Last of Us 2 is directly tied to the fire button (R2 by default), and players simply need to press that input while not aiming to replenish a weapon's ammo.

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If you found this video helpful or entertaining, please share the video! Thank you!The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Gameplay Tutorial on How to Reload your we.

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Showcase of all the weapons available in The Last of Us Part II.----- WEAPONS -----00:00 Semi-Auto Pistol01:27 Military Pistol02:56 Revolver04:15 Hunting P.

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June 22, 2020. - The Last of Us Part II. The control scheme in Last of Us Part 2 takes a bit of getting used to from the default settings. R2 to reload, L1 to sprint and dodge. Even after some time, when put under pressure, you might find yourself using Circle to dodge, L3 to sprint and square to reload. If you are having a hard time adjusting.

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Position the stack of boxes beneath the right shutter. Climb up onto the right shutter via the boxes between both shutters and then climb back up to the ventilation shafts. Follow them, drop onto.

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The The Last of Us Part 2 how to reload and preload details to help you prepare better for any impending battles.The last thing you want when you're up again.

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No worries, we've all been there with the controls. So, here's the deal: to reload your weapon, just press the 'R2' button when you're not aiming. It's the same for all weapons, so that makes it a bit easier. Just make sure you're in a safe spot when reloading, as it can take a sec and you don't want to get caught off guard.

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The same way you reload in the main game.. press R1 when you're not aiming. Everything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. wayloski1 (Topic Creator) 10 years ago #3. Thanks! Some guys told me in a lobby last night. I read about a save bug in the main game, so I've been sticking to MP for now. Xbox Live - Wayloski.

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In order to reload in The Last of Us you just have to press the right trigger on its own without pressing L2 to aim down the sights. It's easy to miss though because it's very briefly mentioned at.

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They showed me how to do it once and I already forgot what the controls were lol. OhGood 10 years ago #2. reload - r1 when not aiming. turn - X+opposite direction. Everything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant. viksmart 10 years ago #3. The manual before you start the game should have the information you seek.

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How many bullets does it hold? Guns are reloaded by pressing the use/fire button without aiming. On the PS3 it's R1. On the PS4 default is R2, but it can be changed to R1 in the options. Which gun? I'll assume you're talking about Ellie's 9mm pistol. Its clip size is 6 bullets (maximum inventory ammo is 20 bullets).