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2008 E90 M3 6-speed Jerez Black sold 2008 E90 335I 6 Speed Black Sapphire M-sport sold 2006 E53 X5 Black Sapphire sold. Hey I manual swapped my car and had a few questions . I used a manual transmission harness and I'm stuck on what to do with the blue and black connectors in the dme box . Where do I jump the rest of the wires besides the 4.

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E60 550i vs. E90 M3 (manual transmission). 2008 535i, Platinum Gray/Black, Cold Weather, 6 Speed Manual - History! 2012 VW Touareg TDI Sport with Nav. - Daily driver 2008 Porsche 911S, Silver/Black - Pride and Joy! 2003 MB E320, Pewter/Black, Cold weather, Logic 7. Save Share.

BMW E90 Limo 6speed manual transmission circuit transmission ZF 1069401052 1069401018 eBay

6-Speed Manual Swap Continues. Wiring Part. Episode 8. A very close look at wiring part of this upgrade with details on how to disassemble the DME connector..

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BMW E90 328i 6 speed manual transmission swap continues. Part 2 of this project.Short update, I guess.In the next episode - removal of the automatic transmis.

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2. My Cars. 08 328xi e90 6speed manu. 08 328xi e90 6 speed manual - transmission won't engage and car won't move at all. Not sure exactly what to do first BMW I've owned, turned a lot of wrenches just never foreign. Drove about 250 miles in a snowstorm when I got to my destination, I smelled a slight clutch smell, but didn't seem too bad.

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E90 / E92Model Year: 2007 - 2013. E46Model Year: 2000 - 2006. M4.. I have a 2006 330i 6MT and was curious if anyone knew the advertised top speed in each gear? I know I can go out and test it but was looking for official numbers.. Transmission: 6-speed manual Gear Ratio Overall ratio (Rpm) Mph 1st 4.35:1 13.70:1 (7000) 39 2nd 2.50:1 7.88.

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BMW E90 6 speed manual transmission swap - this is the part where I finally get to install the transmission itself.

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I think the parts list is in the description. Either e46 6 speed drive shaft Or a e46 smg drive shaft. I used the original diff just swap out the 4 bolt flange for a 6 bolt. 28K subscribers in the e46 community. For those wanting to see more of BMW's 4th generation 3 series, the beautiful and timeless E46.

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iTrader: ( 0) E92 6 Speed Manual Transmission (Auto to Manual Conversion) BIMMERPOST / Classifieds. Asking Price: USD 1,800.00. Item Interest. Bought this with plans to do the auto to manual conversion on my 2011 328i. Never got around to it, as I traded in my car recently. Transmission has less than 50,000 miles, includes shifter assembly.


The Manual Transmission (GS6-37BZ) available on the E90 is the same as that used previously on the E46 and currently on the E60 & E85. The transmission has a lifetime oil fill. Automatic Transmission For the first time the 3 series will see a six speed Automatic Transmission (GA6HP19Z) with STEPTRONIC. The transmission is similar to that used.

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Figure 1 The BMW E90 manual transmission fluid is filled at the factory with lifetime fluid (green arrow). However, BMW does not define what the lifetime is. Therefore, it is a good idea to service your fluid every 60,000 miles. If you're unsure of the last service, replace the fluid as soon as possible. Doing so will extend the life of your.

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The six speed is flywheel is different than the five speed. The six speed comes with the pilot bearing built in to it so, you would have to remove the pilot bearing from the engine when replacing the flywheel. Shift Lever. The stock e46 shift lever is too long and will cause the shift linkage to hit the transmission giubo.

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2007 Black/Beige 335i Sedan N54 Build date: 01/07 (technically 12/06) Will be swapping a GS6-53BZ from a 07 manual 335i with about 37K on the transmission. KEY: BLUE = OEM Part number, location on diagram. RED = Additional notes based on observation and other things.

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The stock 330i manual ratio is 3.15 which is pretty tall and seems to be aimed at providing decent fuel economy, especially on the highway where a 330i 6-speed running 70 MPH is only turning 2,500 RPM. Much better acceleration can be had with a 3.64 ratio while still keeping RPM down in 6th gear highway cruising (2,917 RPM).

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The E90 series is larger than its predecessor, with a longer wheelbase, wider tracks, and a roomier interior.. (DCT) with launch control or a 6-speed manual transmission. The manual transmission has an upgraded clutch compared to the regular 335i. Other changes compared to the 335i include stiffer engine mounts, a higher-flow exhaust system.

BMW E46 E87 E90 2.0 DIESEL 6 SPEED MANUAL GEARBOX 1069401017 on eBid United Kingdom 197142075

2005 e90 sedan 6 speed manual popping out of first gear 150,000kms apparently previous owner had gearbox rebuilt. Could this be bad mounts. Followup from the Pelican Staff:. I have a 2011 335xi with manual transmission and 75k miles. I've noticed that sometimes when shifting, I almost feel as if the transmission is bouncing around..