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Developed in Australia for pig hunting, the Bull Arab is a loyal dog with one of the richest bloodlines. From being descended from the English Bull Terrier, Greyhound, and Short-haired Pointer to the Mastiff, Great Dane, and Bloodhound— the Bull Arab is a majestic and energetic companion.

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Bull Arab dog breed originally created by crossing English Bull Terrier (50%), German Shorthaired Pointer (25%) and Greyhound (25%), however later bull arabs were enhanced with crossing Mastiffs and Bloodhound. This medium to large dogs are excellent in hunting - the reason for them to known as Aussie pig dogs.

The Bull Arab Dog

It is generally accepted that the Bull Arab is 50% Bull Terrier, selected for its tenacity and bite strength, 25% Greyhound for speed, sight and athleticism, and 25% German Shorthaired Pointer (or possibly English Pointer) for its scenting ability, intelligence and silence whilst hunting.

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Dog Tales, Dogalogue. Dog: Cooper. Breed Mix: German Short Haired Pointer cross Bull Arab. Age: 4 years. Human: Keira Gaffney. His Motto in Life: Always make sure your seat is comfy (Cooper is very particular about his sitting and sleeping arrangements!) Describe Cooper's breed mix paw-sonality?

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Some believe English Pointer was used instead of German Shorthaired Pointer and Saluki (hence the name Arab) instead of Greyhound. Some lines include 12.5% Bloodhound blood to add stamina and tracking ability, this strain is often called the Paulsen Bull Arab after Peter Paulsen its creator. The Bull Arab is predominantly used to hunt feral.

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SOCKS #2780 is a lovely six month old pup that is a mix of english pointer, bull arab and probably a few other things too! He is an intelligent, active fellow that is looking for a home that can.

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His first generation of Bull Arab were made up of 50% English Bull Terrier, 25% Greyhound, and 25% German Shorthaired Pointer (or, some argue, English Pointer). This gave the Bull Arab incredible speed, quick decision-making skills, and tracking ability. In fact, these dogs can track a wild pig from up to 6km away.

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The BullArab was created in the 1970's by Mr Mike Hodgens in Australia from crosses between the English Bull Terrier, German Short Hair Pointer and the Greyhound. A German Short Hair Pointer cross Greyhound bitch was bred to a pure working English Bull Terrier male to create the foundation dogs of the breed. The breed. BullArab Read More »

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The Bull Arab is a large, muscular dog with a broad head, thick neck, and powerful jaws. They have short, smooth coats that can be white, brindle, or a combination of both. Their ears are medium-sized and can be droopy or standing, depending on the individual dog. They are known for being loyal, affectionate, and protective, and are often used.

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The Bull Arab dates back to 1972 when it was bred by Mike Hodgens in Australia. He wanted to create a breed that had the power of the English Bull Terrier, the speed and sighting ability of the Greyhound and the scenting and brains of a Pointer.. It's believed this breed is half Bull Terrier and a quarter Greyhound.

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The Bull Arab (BA) is a hybrid of numerous sporting breeds, most notably the Bull Terrier, the Greyhound, and the German Shorthaired Pointer. Regardless of their bloodlines, these hunting dogs are energetic and strong-willed (especially when out in the field), and will need obedience training from an early age.

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Similarities and differences between Bull Arab vs English Pointer. Compare Bull Arab and English Pointer. Which is better: Australian Pig Dog or English Pointer?

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The Bull Arab x German Shorthaired Pointer mix is generally a large, muscular dog, with a size that can range significantly depending on the dominant genes. Typically, these dogs weigh between 50 to 80 pounds and possess a short, dense coat that can come in a variety of colors, including patches and speckles.

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Today, it is a popular hunting breed and also serves as a companion and a guard dog. A strong and agile dog, the Bull Arab is loyal and is good-natured around children and family members. The Bull Arab breed owes its origins to Australia. Mike Hodgens was the first one to breed the dog in 1972. Hodgens was looking for a dog that was perfect for.

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The breed has an acute sense of smell an is able to locate feral pigs, as far as 6 kilometers away. It was 50% Bull Terrier. Later, the Bloodhound and English Pointer were added in and some bloodlines have also added in Mastiff.. Due to restrictions on rental housing agreements in Queensland that prohibit larger sized dog breeds, many large breeds of dogs including Bull Arabs are often.

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The Bull Arab is symmetrical and well-built all over. The head and muzzle are strong and powerful, moderate in length in proportion to the face. The eyes are bright. The color of the eyes depends on the coat color. The teeth meet in a level bite. The full drop ears are moderate in size. The strong neck is slightly arched, moderate in length.